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Youth Homes

Pakistan Youth Homes

Concept of Pakistan Youth Homes:

Pakistan Sweet Home started in 2009 for poor orphan children. Now after 6 years, some of these children have reached the age of adolescence. It is the need of time to shift the children above 12 years of age to Youth Homes where they will be provided all the facilities of life.
We have planned to fulfill all the needs of the growing children and the Youth Homes will have the following facilities:

  • Boarding
  • Education
  • Sports
  • Recreation
  • Social Protection
Feasibility of Phase-I

No. of rooms: 50
Accommodation: 250 students
Dimensions of room: 18×20


PKR $ £
Total estimated cost: 25 Million 237,045 156,750 223,164
Cost per room: 500,000 4740 3135 4462
Cost per bed: 100,000 950 627 893
Message from Patron in Chief

I have devoted my life for these children. We aim to provide these children with all the basic facilities up to graduation. The growing children of Pakistan Sweet Homes across the country need separate environment from the little children. The aim of Pakistan Youth Homes is to provide a healthy learning environment that fulfills all the growing needs of these children. I want the commitment and support of the local and international community in this noble cause so that we can make the future of these children bright.

Pakistan Youth Homes