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The Story of Pakistan Sweet Homes
The journey of Pakistan Sweet Homes started when an orphan child from Swat was handed over to Mr. Zammurd Khan who was the Managing Director, Pakistan Bait-ul-Mal. At that time, there was no government facility for such orphan children. Instead of giving that child up to an orphanage, Mr. Zammurd Khan decided to establish a facility for such children. Pakistan Sweet Home (PSH) was established in 2009 for a single child to provide orphan children basic life facilities up to graduation. Keeping in view the services of Mr. Zammurd Khan, he was nominated as Patron in Chief of Pakistan sweet Homes for life.

Life at PSH
36 centers of Pakistan Sweet Homes are full of life where 3600 orphan children across Pakistan are provided all the basic facilities like

  • Boarding
  • Education
  • Sports
  • Health
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Social protection

Message from Patron in Chief (Zammurd Khan)
Pakistan Sweet Homes started from one orphan child in 2009. Today, it is operational in all the four provinces of Pakistan, Gilgit Baltistan and AJK. Our goal is to reach each and every orphan in the country and provide them with all the basic necessities of life. I need the help and support from each and every one of you because I cannot achieve this goal alone. Please come forward and join hands with our team.

PSH Head Office
In the last two years, the largest of Pakistan Sweet Homes center was established in H-9/4, Islamabad as the Head Office of Pakistan Sweet Homes with the capacity to accommodate 300 male and 100 female children. This is the largest of the 31 centers across Pakistan.

PSH Sports Complex:
To fulfill the growing needs of the children, a great sports complex facility has been established in the Sweet Homes Head Office, H-9/4. This facility comprises of badminton, basketball and volleyball courts besides a cricket and football ground. In the next few months, a professional tennis court is also planned to be built for which foundation has already been laid by Tennis star Aisam ul Haq at PSH Sports Complex.

PSH Guest House:
The concept of PSH Guest House’s is to invite children from different Sweet Homes from all over Pakistan to PSH Head Office in H-9/4 center. The PSH Guest House has a capacity to accommodate 100 children and 10 staff members. Each PSH regional center has one hundred student’s capacity. So at a time, all the students and staff from one center will be invited to PSH. These children will stay at PSH Guest House for a whole week where they will have sports and other games with the children of PSH H-9/4 center. Educational and recreational tours will also be arranged by the head office so that these children are able to visit and see the capital of Pakistan and its surroundings.

PSH growth rate
Pakistan Sweet Homes

Pakistan Sweet Homes Network across Pakistan

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